Hi, I'm Chidinma.

I provide copywriting and content marketing services for daring B2B food companies who want results from online marketing.

I also tell compelling business stories and write engaging content on digital marketing topics.

Chidinma Nnamani - Freelance Writer & Copywriter

Do you work for or own a B2B food/beverage business that needs a copywriter or content writer?

Or do you need B2B digital marketing content?

I can help!

I’m Chidinma Nnamani, a story-loving food science and technology graduate with a passion for digital marketing.

I write copy and engaging long-form content for B2B food companies. And I create informative and detailed content on digital marketing topics.

Do you want to increase sales, drive traffic to your website or establish thought leadership status in your industry?

Here’s what I can help you with:

1. Content marketing

There’s no shortcut to it. You need content to win at online marketing. Year after year, the statistics prove that content marketing works for businesses.

But there’s a catch and you know that already: You can’t win with just any type of content. You need premium content that is valuable to your audience.

From ideation through creation, I’ll work with you to create content that serves your business goals.

2. Copywriting

The only thing worse than churning out low-quality content is creating content that serves no purpose for your business. Copywriting is that simple yet complicated technique that catapults writing from mere words to action bullets. And I can help you create those missiles.

When you contact me, I’ll take my time to study your business and write copy that matches your business tone and speaks directly to your audience.

3. Business storytelling             

The best brands in the food industry tell great stories, from consumer brands to industrial brands. Stories are woven into several aspects of their marketing. You know why? It’s because stories work.

No matter how complex your product or service is, you’ll reach more people if you can find the human connection and weave it into your corporate narrative. That’s what I do: I can help you serve those facts with inspiring human stories.

What else should you know?

I write to inform, educate and inspire. My writing is clear, easy-to-read and web-friendly. I pay attention to context and language and provide writing that matches your brand. You can take a look at my writing samples to get a feel of my writing style.

Some of My Awesome Clients

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I have worked with Chidinma on several writing projects. I’m always impressed with her ability to write about technical topics in an informative way. I have found her to be collaborative, open to editing suggestions, and always on time with assignments. I hope to have more opportunities to work with this talented woman on future projects.

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