Sample Food ERP

Food manufacturers face several challenges. In addition to administrative and corporate responsibilities, they have to meet stringent safety regulations. This includes identifying and tracking every single ingredient in their products from purchase/receipt until they reach the customer table.

Paper-based or multiple disintegrated systems won’t cut it anymore. The solution is an ERP software, a system that integrates all aspects of manufacturing, sales and other front office tasks into one computer-based system.

Food companies have adopted and continue to adopt ERPs. The problem is that available ERPs are not designed to solve food-industry specific problems. Adopters have to go through painful customizations to mold generic ERPs to meet their specific needs as well as industry requirements.

An ideal ERP software for the food industry should:

  • Be completely customized to meet the particular demands of the food industry such as traceability and food recall.
  • Be intuitive and easy to use
  • Allow for hassle-free customization, where necessary, preferably as add-ons within the software
  • Offer integrated quality management options specific to the food industry
  • Come with training and implementation support

SampleFoodERP is a software carefully crafted to meet these requirements. Designed to handle all aspects of food production, from food safety/compliance to plant/preventive maintenance, SampleFoodERP gives food manufacturers the power to do business on their own terms.

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